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                                                                     Legal Disclaimer


Everything Within Apothecary appreciates your patronage, Please read the following content before your purchase.

     COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Copyright 2019-2021 by Melanie Jessome & Everything Within Apothecary and MelanieJJ Photography. The buyer is not purchasing the rights to the item/product, Image, or description.

The Item/product is not to be copied, published, imitated, redistributed or reproduced in any way. This Item/product or image is not to be sold as your own.

      WARRANTY: All sales are final due to the nature of the product and spiritual belief.

      BY GOVERNMENT LAW: We must state legal terms, For Entertainment Purposes Only, we make no guarantee of success. The results may vary. We make NO medical health or physical claims. It is advised not tot ingest or consume any products, keep out of the reach of children and pets. Oils can stain fabrics. Never leave burring oils, herbs, incense or candles unattended. We are suppling you with spiritual tools it is up to you to manifest your intentions. By purchasing my products you are stating that your of 18 or older and that you assume all responsibilities yourself, all of your actions and results.

Everything Within Apothecary and all who represent are not responsible for any outcomes. By making the purchase, you as the customer assume all responsibilities for any outcomes releasing Wishbone Apothecary and any representatives from any liability.

      DISCLAIMER: All produces on this site are the property of Everything Within Apothecary and Melanie Jessome and are copyright 2019-2021. The use of images and text are prohibited  without any authorization from the owner. No reproducing of recipes, bottles, poppets and bags. Spiritual tools are for entertainment purposes only, No guarantee's of success.

By purchasing you agree we will not be held reasonable for any out comes for improper use or neglectful use. This applies to all damages without limitations. We disclaim any and all liabilities.


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