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Welcome to the Everything Within Apothecary & Wicca Market, First and fore most keep our customers safe with proper cleaning practices for a health-oriented environment . Our goal is to provide spiritual tools, safe all natural pesticide free products to the community and help educate New beginners. 

A Bit About Me

Hello Alberta

Id like to share a little background of my family and a few things about myself, I was born in England and come from a line of strong witchy women. Our background I would say was not of a spiritual one but a following of our hearts and beliefs. My One grandmother was born in Devon and was considered a hieratic witch. My mother and siblings were found an adopted to a military couple in England, in which my Nana was a tea leaf reader. My mum was very intuitive and was able to see spirits and always knew what we were all up to lol.

For me Ive considered myself a Healer as a young girl I would see auras around people and on occasion spirits would come and talk with me in my sleep. I never understood all of this, it was just things that happened. As a young kid my nan gave me her book and cards in order to teach myself to read cards, its just be away of life for me,

As an Adult Ive never been one to space my space or faith, until the last 3 years. Before the pandemic I was a physiotherapy Assistant for 9 years and competitive Powerlifter,  Crossfit Coach and Competitor. When covid hit I was still training but quit working in the clinics. 

I will skip straight to how I got here, Foraging became a pass time. I found finding herbs & plants very interesting and became a daily routine it was also necessary for me to find these for my rituals, spells and products and then it began. 

I now have over 200 herbs, barks, berries, roots and dried Flowers in which I Dehydrate and package. I now make mind and my families recipes for products to sell at Witches Markets.

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